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I have really learnt a lot about my current artistic taste since starting my blog 6 months ago. I am not sure what exactly has created the change, but I do know it is remarkably different today than it was even 5 years ago.When finishing the ArTTable I was still influenced by mosaics, Gustav Klimt and wanted to travel to Barcelona. Today, I am more interested in contemporary art … there is something that seems to resonate in the style now appearing in galleries today and for some reason I want to visit Berlin!I have done a few posts regarding contemporary art where I reflected on emerging artistsgraffiti art and modern vintage. In doing my blog I have been researching extensively and similar ingredients have continued to capture my interest. Additionally, by being online my own artistic endeavours have moved from the studio to the computer! I have found my own new art in creating my blog, in writing and in fiddling with digital art as new medium. I even upgraded my Photoshop which was 15 years old.Goes to show you don’t need a studio with the bells and whistles to continue growing your personal artistic skills.I am also influenced by our own mid-century modernist home and having moved to Melbourne I can now appreciate a more international style of art rather than the bright colors and nature inspired scenery of Queensland. Also when I moved to Melbourne I made a conscious effort to be more involved with the human form, something that had never captured my creative pursuits in the past but has become increasingly interesting as my partner also enjoys black & white photography.
Photo by Ray Price 2013
Photo by Ray Price 2013The darker tones of Melbourne fashion has also had its affect on my palette. Gone is the glitz from the Gold Coast and in with the sombre understated tones of the Victorians. I have worn far more black and leather in the last 5 years than I have worn in the previous 45 years. More influences on my artistic direction inevitably!Slowly but surely my drawing pad has moved out of the cupboard as I begin to dream about a new direction for my artwork. All this inspiration is beginning to give me itchy fingers and wont be long before I dive head long back into creating my own new direction. I often get asked ‘don’t you run out of ideas? ‘ No, never! At times it can consume me … last night I spent the whole night laying awake thinking about my new found revelation, focussing my thoughts on creative pursuits, designing ideas and images in my mind. I hopped up several times to do some more research online .. and creative inspirational shopping.New eBay additions on their way:
Domuya fin-doll
Rare Domuya doll for posing and taxidermied crow for the studioIts like keeping a visual diary, or journal. Mine just happens to be online. Pinterest has been the best thing also in journalling my inspirations. A couple of evenings a week I scan artists and concepts, images and articles, and now have a conventional way of storing my learning.Poor Ray, He has noticed I am spending far longer on the computer over the past few months. I did warn him when I do eventually find my art mojo .. I will vanish into the studio for a long time to come.Finally this morning exhausted after doing art all night long, I started playing with a concept digitally. I have always enjoyed doing digital mock-ups prior to creation, it is not a mandatory practice by any means, it is purely a step which gives me joy. The worst case scenario is the digital concept doesn’t eventuate into a full artistic form but the opportunity to capture my thoughts is artistic in itself and very fulfilling.This mornings digital effort was a montage of ideas and artists I have been enjoying. Last night I thought through the design, this morning I collected a few images from Google below and then spent a few hours putting them together. One day this concept may become my own drawing and painting. 
collection birds
 My new digital concept, I call it “Today’s birds” 
'Today's birds' by Dina Goebel
 Also here is a peek at my latest Pinterest collection!
My Pinterest - botancial artist Lindsay Carr
My Pinterest – botancial artist Lindsay Carr
My Pinterest - photographer Di Liu
My Pinterest – photographer Di Liu
My Pinterest - sculpture by Pat Llilich
My Pinterest – sculpture by Pat Llilich
Bianca Pratorius 2
Bianca Pratorius 2 
heron glass
Heron Glass Enjoy your weekend!ALWAYS THE ARTISTDina
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