How to pick new colors to play with

by  | Jun 17, 2013 | 
Are you looking to create a new look for your home, your art or your jewellery. Try grabbing a new palette of colors to play with – but how do you break from the same ones you always grab due to familiarity, ease and comfort? How do you jump into fresh green, purples, aqua or pink for the first time?There is a very simple method:Step 1 – find a painting you adore.Step 2 – copy its color palette into your new creative plan.Here are some examples of art recently featured in my blog. Amazingly you find colors which you have never imagined using and palette entirely different to your normal approach.
colors - amanda marie
The nostalgic yet splashy colors of Amanda Marie 
colors - Dina Goebel
From my own photos of autumn leaves on the coffee table 
colors - dominique fortin
Subdued and comfortable tones of Dominique Fortin. 
colors - dominique fortin 2
colors - dominique fortin 3
colors - findac
Fresh yet understated colors of street artist FinDAC.
colors - Gloria Petyarre
Energetic desert colors from Gloria Petyarre, central Australia.
colors - Gloria Petyarre 2
The same palette of  pink, orange, red, white and navy for a new fresh approach. 
colors - Isadora Stowe
More nostalgia by Isadore Stowe 
colors - Milanium
Heritage tones in this jewellery by Mianium. 
colors - Misato Suzuki
Fresh and delicious palette of Misato Suzuki
colors - Misato Suzuki 2
Maybe a little too fresh and delicious to live with … 
colors -Andy Rogers
Earthy and edible from Andy Rogers.
colors -Andy Rogers 2
Same colors in this stunning lounge by Robert Brown.Well that certainly gave me an insight into a whole new decorative approach as well at what colors have been capturing my line of sight over the past months. Its a neat trick to try out and find a new perspective of color to play with.ALWAYS THE ARTISTDina
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