Starting a new BJD wattle theme

by  | Mar 26, 2016 | 

Having some fun while starting Surrea’s next costume – ‘Wattle’ which is our state floral emblem here in Victoria Australia. You you can read more about Wattle on these posts:

Experimenting with making my own eyes .. love the color and size but not the fit .. back to the drawing board. 
Enchanted Doll 'Surrea' _23d

Trying on her new wig for ‘Wattle’ theme. Dress fabric is also loosely pinned together. 
Enchanted Doll 'Surrea' _26

As I slowly start stitching up her next costume, its fun to see how she is fitting with her overall theme and colorway. Gosh I love being an artist! 
Enchanted Doll 'Surrea' _26c

Enchanted Doll 'Surrea' _26d

 Creating the design for the new Enchanted Doll ‘Wattle’ theme costume. I do this on Photoshop and slowly work out ways to fulfill the vision. This costume is inspired by our Australian national flower and one of our amazing butterflies .. plus who can go past Aussie ugg boots!. 
Enchanted Doll costume by Dina - Wattle underway

Always the artist, Dina

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