The Creative Entrepreneur

The Creative Entrepreneur

Dina has been an art practitioner since childhood. Predominantly self-taught over 4 decades, Dina has attended formal workshops in ceramics, sculpture, stone masonry and mosaic. This has been complimented with further studies in Interior Design and part-time studies in a Diploma of Fine Art.

Having first started exhibiting her paintings while in high school, Dina gradually moved to home furnishings and sculptural forms. In 1997 Dina established a functional art business in Brisbane where she created the unusual Fantasy Dreams bedheads. These stunning sculptural bedheads have been commissioned from around the world and designed for clients from all backgrounds.

In 2002, Dina also established the ArTTable, a craft business which provided the tuition and supply of art & craft materials throughout Australia. Dina dreamed of giving women an opportunity to do what they love by taking creativity to the people. For 5 years her team of 35 tutors provided craft experiences to over 5000 people in both homes and community centers across Australia, as well as running a mosaic and sculptural studio in Brisbane.

After moving to Melbourne in 2009, Dina’s started her blog, aimed to enable others to experience the joy of creative inspiration in their own homes by role modelling the artistic possibilities within everyone’s reach. 

Now, with her studio located in the hills of regional Gippsland in Victoria, Dina has resumed her fulltime career as an artist and her inspirations come from the local wild-life around her region. Her work combines sculptural art-doll forms with her new direction of Gothic oddities & curiosities.

"My art combines all my interests. My childhood collections of bugs and dolls, my love for sculptural forms and the dark arts, and my ongoing message to both enjoy and preserve the beauty of nature around us."

Today Dina posts her artwork creations and provides insights of her techniques, tools and materials online via That Creative Shop. You can find her art online, and at various Oddities Expos and local marketplaces.


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