Today’s inspiration – wattle! And how to borrow from nature.

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 One of the easiest methods to create a new design is to borrow from nature! The enormous combinations of colours and shapes are already preformed in nature and therefore creating art which emulates the key ingredients of nature quickly resonate with the human mind. By borrow, I don’t mean copy nature in botanical detail, what I mean is select its core ingredients to trigger the mind into familiarity or even to bring fond memories into the subconscious.Hard to follow? Well let’s use wattle as today’s inspiration.Firstly lets break wattle down:
  • Colors – bright yellow, greyish greens and brownish twigs.
  • Shapes – fluffly balls, long slender leaves, long slender twigs, weeping structure, massive fusion of fluff.
  • Memories – Australia, childhood locations, streets, rows and forests.
  • Emotions – bright, happy, Aussie, botanical
Children under the Wattle tree by David Boyd, 1924 Now lets create a story board grabbing various elements in any combination. Below I am currently working on two projects:A wattle braceletFor the bracelet I have grabbed the colors green and gold and sprinkled in some twig tones. I used ball shapes and a few twigs.
wattle bracelet 1
Beads for wattle bracelet Black Cockatoos mural for my patio.I will do a complete post on this mural but right now I am at the stage of creating the nest impression and decided to embed it with native flowers  I wanted to bring wattle from my front yard up onto the patio by creating small beaded wattle flowers .. going with the traditional green and gold.
wattle nest 1
wattle nest 2

 Turning inspiration into jewellery.So far, we have just been inspired by wattle here are some example of wattle story boards used to create beautiful bead work. Again we see more green and gold in my macramé and just pure gold the NZ jewellery below. I love the ball earrings which say fluffy wattle even though they are hard plastic.
macramé wattle necklace
Macramé wattle necklace by Dina Goebel
Wattle bead and silk necklaces from NZ artists
wattle earrings by E&W Chiselled Earrings
Wattle earrings at Everingham  Bringing wattle into home decor.Wattle brings Australiana into the open and provides an open, fresh airiness reminiscent of spring. You can either copy wattle botanically or use the key ingredients to brighten your home. Here a mustard yellow is used with wood and sky blue for a fresh outdoor feel.
wattle decorating
Home decorating with wattle
Wattle two-owls placemat
Wattle two-owls placemat  
wattle sixhands cushion
Wattle cushion by Sixhands  

wattle sixhands wallpaper
Wattle wallpaper by Sixhands
wattle-tara gill
Wattle tile design – Tara Gill

 Wattle the Victorian floral emblem .. which we can eat!
wattle day Australia
Australian wattle day for children badges
Wattle seed creme brulee 
wattle wedding cake
Wattle wedding cake 
wattle cup cakes
 Wattle for art sake.There is plenty of wonderful Australian wattle inspired art out there too! Nothing wrong with mixing the colors up or using just black and white.
wattle - emma hack
Wattle bust by Emma Hack
Wattle jewellery box

Jewellery by Helen Rose
wattle brooch 1910
Wattle brooch circa 1910

Wattle lampshades
Wattle fabric ipad cover by Ink & Spindle Melbourne

Wattle fabric in plum by Ink and Spindle Melbourne
wattle sculpture circa 1939
wattle sculpture circa 1939
Wattle photography NZ
Miriam Haskell necklace 6
Miriam Haskell necklace

 I hope you enjoy my inspiration from wattle.ALWAYS THE ARTISTDina
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