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SOLD - 'Black Gold' - Fantasy art doll - Woman bird sculpture

SOLD - 'Black Gold' - Fantasy art doll - Woman bird sculpture

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‘Black Gold’ - One-of-a-kind hand sculpted art-doll by Australian artist Dina Goebel.

‘Black Gold’ is part of a series which portrays the commercialisation of women, birds and our native wildlife .. thereby endangering so much habitat and ecosystems, we don't even realise it. Birds (a slang for women) seem caught up in a world of fashion, beauty and products in the effort to wear an unnatural facemask that drive this conflict … perhaps its all part of mothers nature plan to preen and strut, who knows?

‘Black Gold’ is an Australian Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, is an enormous cockatoo which lives in isolated pockets along Eastern Australia. Large, heavy birds with an eerie distinct wail, I have adorned this girl in her finely beaded wattle blossoms and leaves, with hand-made clay feathers which are beaded and layered on a mesh and chiffon cape. Wearing a heavy helmet to support her enormous strong beak, her body is the same as all the runway birds, a unique sculpt cast in resin.

She stands 37cm tall, 20cm wide and 20cm deep. Either freestanding or on her timber base.


  • This is not a child’s toy, rather it is a unique sculpture to be carefully positioned away from direct sunlight and ideally viewed from several angles.
  • Each piece is made with wire armature, artist quality acrylic paints and sealed in strong protection varnish.
  • These are not children's toys and are fragile, but they do transport well. 
  • I recommend storing in display cabinets away from direct sunlight to have a long lasting art work for your home.
  • I package my dolls and sculptures extremely well for global travel and have provided a capped price postage, insurance and express is available at additional cost.
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