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Giant Comet Moths in a Vintage Victorian Gothic bubble frame

Giant Comet Moths in a Vintage Victorian Gothic bubble frame

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Experience the thrill of owning a Giant Comet Moth, also called the Madagascan Moon Moth (Argema mittrei), showcased in a vintage 1920 bubble glass frame. Admire its vibrant colors against a bold black velvet background, adorned with charming dried pink and white spring flowers. The perfect addition to any daring collection, this display also features handcrafted inkcap ๐Ÿ„ mushrooms.

Butterflies and moths are from approved butterfly farms .. everything is responsibly sourced and nothing is killed for this art work.

One-of-a-kind artwork, this is a pretty piece ideal for butterfly fans.

  • Size: 59cm high, 43cm wide, 4cm deep
  • With picture handing wire on the back.

Important to note:

  • This is a 100 year old frame and comes with its own history of bumps, dents and scratches.
  • Color will varies due to different computer monitors.
  • When posted, some foliage and bits may come loose, hopefully nothing major but everything can be fixed!
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