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SOLD – Idunna Deerwoman – art doll by Dina

SOLD – Idunna Deerwoman – art doll by Dina

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'IDUNNA' - hybrid fantasy art doll.

Idunna Deerwoman is a complicated, beautiful yet strange creature. She walks throughout the forest living her life eternally as Idun (the goddess of rejuvenation in Norse mythology, keeper of the magic apples of immortality). In reality, when she looks backward she remembers her eternal youth, when she looks forward her true age is revealed and looking downward, she sees the changing body of the goddess.

I love her gently muted colors of forest green through to fleshy pale pink. Richly ornate with textures of forest vines, leaves and seeds, Idunna is also adorned with glittering treasures and wonderful mossy headdress as she strides gracefully.

Size: 50 cm high, 40 cm long x 10 cm wide, free standing static sculpture.

Made with air-dry clay, swarovski crystals and glass eyes.

She is colored with acrylic inks and protected in a UV block satin varnish. This is not a child’s toy, rather, a unique sculpture to be carefully positioned away from direct sunlight for you to enjoy.


- Each piece is made with wire armature, artist quality acrylic paints and sealed in strong protection varnish.
- These are not children's toys and are fragile, but they do transport well.
- I recommend storing in display cabinets away from direct sunlight to have a long lasting art work for your home.

I package my sculptures extremely well for global travel and have provided a capped price postage, insurance and express is available at additional cost.

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