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SOLD - Minchkins - the Australian drop bears

SOLD - Minchkins - the Australian drop bears

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Hand sculpted air dry clay art-doll / creature by artist Dina.

Also referred to as ‘drop-bears’, these giant Minchkins are colorful koala-like creatures coming from the rainforests of both southern and northern Australia. Their rainforest heritage is captured in the vivid green foliage, mushrooms and wildflowers which adorn their coats.

There are 3 in the series:

  • SOLD - JASMINE - Surrounded by a wreath of Jasmine flowers, Jasmines back is a rich forest floor covered in moss. lichen and tiny orange mushrooms.
  • SOLD - MELANIE Her body features 3-dimensional leaves, berries, flowers, beads and Swarovski crystals – all the tiny details you find hiding in the forest foliage. Some Minchkins, don’t have the typical koala type ears, little ‘Melanie’ has decided to wear a felt and mink fur ear cap making her even more adorable.
  • SOLD - MARCUS - He is also carrying one of his green tree snake buddies along and his body features 3-dimensional leaves, mushrooms and Swarovski crystals – all the tiny details you find hiding in the forest foliage.

Giant Minchkins are 23cm x 15cm x 15cm deep. They are made in air dry stone clay and cold porcelain clay, then colored with acrylic paints and protected in a UV block matte varnish. 


  • This is not a child’s toy, rather it is a unique sculpture to be carefully positioned away from direct sunlight and ideally viewed from several angles.
  • I recommend storing in display cabinets away from direct sunlight to have a long lasting art work for your home.
  • I package my dolls and sculptures extremely well for global travel and have provided a capped price postage, insurance and express is available at additional cost.
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