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SOLD – Shameira – wood sprite on deer antler art doll by Dina

SOLD – Shameira – wood sprite on deer antler art doll by Dina

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SHAMEIRA - Wood Sprite, fantasy art doll.

One-of-a-kind hand sculpted art-doll by Australian artist Dina Goebel.

Shameira is a small and lively wood sprite, today she is darting around the antlers of grazing deer. A small twisting creature she slips and leaps from place to place so quickly she is barely perceptible by the human eye. This lovely specimen is connected to the floral community, her beautiful colors resemble petals and her body scales camouflage among the natural timber colors and leafy greens.

My motto is: if you slow down to smell the roses, you might see one of natures tiny surreal creatures one day.

Shameira is mounted on a naturally shed deer antler on a birch timber base and made using air-dry stone clay, cold porcelain with additional decorative elements using mulberry paper and Czech glass beads. Shameira is an entirely one-of-a-kind creature, never to be repeated, all hand made and sculpted over a strong wire armature.

This sculpture is 43cm high to the top of the antler x 40cm wide and 14cm deep and is colored with acrylic paints and protected in a UV block matte varnish. This is not a child’s toy, rather, a unique sculpture to be carefully positioned away from direct sunlight for you to enjoy.


- Each piece is made with wire armature, artist quality acrylic paints and sealed in strong protection varnish.
- These are not children's toys and are fragile, but they do transport well.
- I recommend storing in display cabinets away from direct sunlight to have a long lasting art work for your home.

I package my sculptures extremely well for global travel and have provided a capped price postage, insurance and express is available at additional cost.


Read more about Dina, Australian artist and sculptor on my blog

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